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BrownGirlBraids is a woman run small business whose name describes Me (Natasha) I am a Brown skinned girl and I braid. I have had the pleasure of being recognized and published and working as a celebrity stylist. But I promise you to me you are all VIP! I  use this art form to celebrate my culture and heritage on  daily basis by sharing a time honored tradition passed down from generations before me. I have been a protective stylist since 1996 having my first paid client as a 16 year old girl.
My story is I was taught by Master braider Sabrina my cousin who was a The braider with the fastest hands in LA. I worked with her and helped her with her clients and became the same gentle expert that she was. She was killed in a drive by shooting at 30. I have continued to honor what was taught and bring our gifts as brown girls to the masses. It is a joy to service women and men. It has been a joy to see the perception of what was considered “urban” style just be seen as “beautiful”. As a retired educator I also teach others as I was taught.
BrownGirlBraids is known for being gentle and preserving first the integrity of your hair. It will flourish because love and good energy is transferred because I absolutely love this. Your edges are safe here.

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